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ah crap

2017-10-02 09:25:49 by Cryono77

there's already a psybreak artist and a rock artist named orbifold


i need a new name then


2017-09-27 07:44:59 by Cryono77

i only go by cryono77 here


i go by orbifold everywhere else and have for a while


if i could change my name without it getting super confusing for all of u i would lol

mad boi

2017-07-15 03:32:33 by Cryono77


remake in the works

2017-03-31 13:38:04 by Cryono77


all these songs im working on

2017-02-22 22:13:11 by Cryono77

none good enough to upload


2016-04-12 22:21:04 by Cryono77

meet sokol


hes the catto on my avi

Gettin a new arsenal?

2015-12-19 22:30:43 by Cryono77


Lookin' spiffy, Hank.

2015-09-21 21:53:33 by Cryono77


factory reset comp

2014-11-09 03:34:34 by Cryono77

all stuff is gone


new stuff is